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SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9

SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9

Kester SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9 is a water-soluble wafer reflow flux. SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9 is specially design for solder bump formation on wafers up to 300mm in diameter. SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9 is capable of producing uniform flux coating and shiny oxide free bump formation with various alloys. Post reflow the residues are completely soluble in water and do not require any cleaning additives or solvents. To reduce the cost of assembling, room temperature or warm water (~65ºC) can be used to remove SE-CURE™ 9753 RJ9 residues.

Halogen Content Size (gallons) Type Part Description Part #
Contains Halogen 1 Water-Soluble SECURE 9753RJ9 600813

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