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Kester’s Global Headquarters, Itasca, IL
Kester's Global Headquarters, Itasca, IL

Kester is a leading global supplier of assembly materials to the electronic assembly, component and microelectronic marketplaces. Our products include an array of basic and high-tech attachment materials including traditional soldering chemicals, paste, wire and bar products. We serve a worldwide customer base with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Kester offers the following solutions:

Throughout the world, Kester’s products are known for their high quality and advanced technology. Kester’s ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certifications ensure Kester’s partners of this dedication to quality and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to provide product solutions for the electronics assembly, semiconductor and automotive industries across the world.

Kester History

The company was founded in 1899 as the Chicago Solder Company to produce flux-cored solder. This patented Kester manufacturing process has had a major impact in the electronics industry to this day. Kester recognized the importance of being a global supplier in the electronics industry by establishing manufacturing facilities in Singapore (1969) and in Germany (1972) to better service the Asian and European markets, respectively.

Kester was acquired by Element Solutions Inc. in December 2019. Kester joins the Assembly Solutions division of ESI’s MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions business unit, and remains committed to being a innovator in semiconductor, electronics assembly and solar applications.