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Kester® Preforms are now sold as ALPHA® Exactalloy® Solder Preforms. In 2023, Alpha and Kester combined their preform offerings, integrating more than 150 years of experience in preform manufacturing to provide a variety of technologies, shapes, sizes, and flux types. Solder preforms provide a precise volume of solder for many different applications, and are used in a wide variety of electronics packaging and industrial applications. The main applications include, but not limited to, 1) die-attach and thermal interface materials for semiconductor assembly; 2) selective solder volume increase, void reduction, through-hole fill, and component attach for PCB assembly; 3) hermetic seals, wire and cable harness interconnect, and thermal fuses for industrial applications. Link to the comprehensive MacDermid Alpha Preform page to determine the ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preform that meets your need. Call your local sales representative today to discuss technical questions and sample requests.

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