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186 Soldering Flux

186 Soldering Flux

Kester 186, under MIL-F-14256, was QPL approved as Type RMA. Although the fluxing ability approaches that of Type RA flux, the flux residue after soldering is non-corrosive and non-conductive. 186 rosin flux has been developed for use in critical applications where difficult assemblies are to be soldered, but process requirements stipulate use of Type RMA flux. This flux possess high thermal stability for soldering multi-layer assemblies which require a high preheat temperature. Exposure to high preheat temperatures does not degrade solubility of the residue in normal cleaning solvents. There is no surface insulation resistance degradation caused by the flux residue. The use of a minimum of ionic activating agents and the inactive nature of the residue permits leaving the residue on circuit board assemblies for many applications. The flux residue is also moisture and fungus resistant.

Size (liters) Size (gallons) Halogen Content Description Part # Type
1 Contains Halogen 186 Soldering Flux 1 GAL 6300000186 Rosin
5 Contains Halogen 186 Soldering Flux 5 GAL 6400000186 Rosin
53 Contains Halogen 186 Soldering Flux 53 GAL 6500000186 Rosin
20 Contains Halogen 186 Soldering Flux 20 LIT 6600000186 Rosin

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