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(Waterbury, CT USA) – September 22, 2022 - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is delighted to announce it has received two Mexico Technology Awards in the categories of Solder Paste, with ALPHA's OM-565 HRL3 low temperature solder paste, and Conformal Coatings, for Electrolube's UVCLX UV Curable Polyurethane coating. Both awards were presented to MacDermid Alpha during a ceremony that took place at the SMTA Guadalajara Show, Sept 21-22.

Designed to mitigate warpage induced defects in temperature sensitive chip-scale packages, ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 low temperature solder paste enhances electrochemical performance over existing low melt point solders and provides excellent compatibility when used in combination with alternative ALPHA solutions for contact rework applications. The solder paste enables superior wettability to minimize post reflow defects such as Non-Wet-Open (NWO) and Head-in-Pillow (HiP). Next generation devices require a larger footprint and thinner form factor design that deliver superior processing power over existing technologies. These next generation packages create challenges for assembly at traditional SMT reflow temperatures. ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 enables a reduction in peak reflow down to 175°C to mitigate common warpage induced defects such as HiP and NWO to improve assembly yields. 

Electrolube's UVCLX is considered a 'greener' coating than many others but also delivers high-performance results. Formulated with 75% bio-organic content, UVCLX protects electronic circuitry against the harshest of environments, particularly within the automotive industry where components are at high risk from chemical attack. Applied via a selective coating machine, UVCLX exceeds traditional UV Cure Coatings by being touch dry after just a short exposure to the correct wavelength of UV light. UVCLX guarantees full cure in less than 24 hours by virtue of the secondary chemical cure mechanism, which ensures that even shadowed areas are fully cured in a matter of hours. In comparison to traditional UV Cure Coatings, that can require weeks at a time for a complete cure and still with some shadowed areas remaining uncured, UVCLX ensures a much faster work in progress.