1544 Soldering Flux

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Kester 1544 Activated Rosin Liquid Flux is a homogeneous solution of high quality, purified Grade WW rosin blended into an alcohol solvent system. A very effective activating agent has been added to provide superior fluxing ability. 1544 is a liquid equivalent of Kester 44 Activated Rosin Core Solder. The desired flux activity and the amount of rosin residue are determined by the concentration (solids percentage) of the flux. 1544 has been developed for fluxing applications where non-activated and mildly activated rosin fluxes are too inactive to remove metal oxides, where proper and complete residue removal of potentially corrosive water-soluble organic acid flux is not possible and where soldering of electronic assemblies requires instant wetting and excellent capillary flow. 1544 can be used for solder coating or tinning bare leads.

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Size Liters Size Gallons
Description Part #
20 1544 20LITS P FC0532
25 1544 25L P 41000253
1 1544 SOLDERING FLUX 1 GAL 6300001544
1 1544 1gal P 41000130
5 1544 SOLDERING FLUX 5 GAL 6400001544
53 1544 SOLDERING FLUX 53 GAL 6500001544

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