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SF855-LR Soldering Flux

Kester SF855-LR is a low solid, low residue, no-clean non-rosin organic flux designed specifically for use in tabber and stringer equipment of Photovoltaic Assembly (PV) through soldering tabs to cell contacts. SF855-LR can be applied directly to interconnecting ribbon by hand soldering and auto-equipment with tabbing and stringing soldering system, and by dipping or spraying methods. The extremely low solids content (around 1.6%) and nature of the activator system results in practically no residue left on the cell after soldering. Cells are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the tabber and stringer machine. SF855-LR has a wide operating window and temperature range. It can be used in SnPb, SnAgPb and Pb-free applications. Share
Size (liters) Size (gallons) Halogen Content Description Part # Type Process
20 Zero-Halogen SF855-LR Soldering Flux 20 Lit 6601500955 No-Clean Solar
  5 Zero-Halogen SF855-LR Soldering Flux 5 GA
6401500955 No-Clean Solar