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Reclaim & Recycling Services - Europe

We provide safe and efficient recycling services which help companies to meet their environmental and legislative requirements and at the same time, maximize the value of their waste streams.

Environmental legislation specifies the importance of proper waste management and recycling techniques to reduce pressure on resources and improve their use. Due to these requirements and considering that metal waste is recyclable, it is now essential for you to have a reliable and efficient recycler.

MacDermid Alpha's experienced staff is dedicated to solder waste reclamation efforts and will maximize the amount of metal processed from your reclaim material. All reclaim material sent for processing is carefully processed and no material that has metal content is sent to landfill.

Our Certified Recycling Partner Program enables our customers to work with local partners operating throughout Europe who are legally authorized to collect waste from the electronics assembly processes.

For all general inquiries regarding Alpha EU recycling, please contact Reka Wagner – Recycling Business Manager at

  • Wave Solder Dross
  • Solder Paste
  • Solder Ingots and Industrial Alloys
  • Empty Paste Jars and Cartridges
  • Solder Bar and Wire
  • Pot Dump and Contaminated Solder Bath
  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL Dross)
  • Processed Anodes
  • ALPHA Argomax Sintering Material Scrap