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Reclaim & Recycling Services - Americas

Reclaim & Recycling Services - Americas

MacDermid Alpha is the only soldering materials provider in North America with in-house smelting and refining capabilities. Our global organization offers stability and the highest financial return to our recycling customers versus our competitors. We have an experienced staff dedicated to reclamation efforts that will help you minimize your environmental liability.

In addition to providing tough, sealable and disposable metal recycling bins, we guarantee that all shipments are lot traceable and provides audit trails to help document the safe environmental reprocessing of waste material.

We welcome customers to visit our facility in Altoona, Pennsylvania to conduct your own audit of our recycling process.

  • Wave Solder Dross 
  • Solder Paste, Solder Bar and Wire
  • Rejected SMT Assemblies
  • Empty Paste Jars and Cartridges 
  • Solder Ingots and Industrial Alloys
  • Pot Dump and Contaminated Solder Bath
  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL Dross)
  • ALPHA Argomax Sintering Material Scrap