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NP510-LT HRL1 Solder Paste

NP510-LT HRL1 low temperature chemistry is designed to be applicable with MacDermid Alpha’s low temperature HRL1 alloy. NP510-LT HRL1 enables peak reflow of 190 ˚C while delivering comparable performance to SAC305 in drop shock and thermal cycling for the right applications. Low temperature soldering mitigates warpage induced defects such as non-wet opens and head-in-pillow. NP510-LT HRL1 enables fine feature printing, long stencil life and good voiding across various package types. NP510-LT HRL1 is a zero-halogen, RoHS-compliant solder paste designed for temperature sensitive applications. NP510-LT HRL1 is classified as ROL0 under IPC J-STD-004B.

Alloy Powder Size Type Halogen Content Lead Content Description Part # Process
HRL1 4 No-Clean Zero-Halogen Lead-Free NP510-LT HRL1 T4 88% 500g JAR
7053062410 Screen/Stencil Printing