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ALPHA HiTech CU11-3127


ALPHA HiTech CU11-3127, a product with high filler content, is available to provide better mechanical strength for CSP and Flip Chip packages. ALPHA HiTech CU11-3127 provides full bottom component coverage at room temperature. A higher preheat temperature up < 80 °C may be applied to the substrate for a faster underfill flow rate.

Key Features:

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Releases stress over a large area, primary stress is CTE mismatch between component and board
  • High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Halogen-free
  • Complies with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
Halogen Content Container Size Part # Application
Halogen-Free 30cc EFD
Dispensing, Jetting
Halogen-Free 50cc EFD
Dispensing, Jetting