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ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010


ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 is one component, high filler content, heat curable Edgebond suited for higher temperature / higher reliability environments..

Key Features:

  • High (Tg) with a Low (CTE)
  • Excellent Thermal Cycling performance
  • Excellent adhesion strength
  • Pass 2,700 cycles -40 +125 °C, 30 minutes TCT with SAC305 alloy
  • Pass 3,000 cycles -40 +150 °C, 30 minutes TCT with Innolot alloy
  • High filler content, heat curable 
  • Anhydride Free
  • Highly Reworkable on FR4
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Halogen Content Container Size Part # Application
Halogen-Free 10cc EFD
Dipping, Jetting
Halogen-Free 30cc IWA
Dipping, Jetting
Halogen-Free 30cc MUS
Dipping, Jetting
Halogen-Free 30cc EFD
251069.0054GM Dipping, Jetting